Reports are based on transcripts, emotions and other events that took place during a conversation. Jargon processes all of this data behind the scenes and employs various advanced techniques to extract the highlights of a conversation. These are our best guess at what's "interesting" about this conversation, so you can quickly scan a call without having to relive every single detail. 

Here are some of our favorite highlights, many of which are included in the Sample Report at


Jargon scans the text for what look like questions, and flags those as highlights so you can easily see what gets asked often, or how John handled certain tricky questions asked by a client.


During the call, John learned an interesting tidbit that he wanted to flag for later, so he created a quick private note in the Activity Window. Priya can't see the note, only John and his co-workers when he shares this report with them. Now he can remember to ask James if he knows the new VP.


What's a good call without a reason to follow up? We listen for things like "setting up a meeting" or "scheduling a call in a couple of weeks" or "email it to me next week" during specific parts of your conversation. Then we convert them to specific dates and flag them for follow-up. Coming soon: we'll allow you to create a calendar reminder or mark a follow-up item complete right in the report.


Ever wonder how often a competitor gets mentioned in conversations with your customers? Is there a phrase that every successful salesperson in your company uses? Are you trying to coach yourself to stop saying a certain word? Jargon helps you see exactly when (and in what context) keywords show up in conversations. You can group these keywords and search across calls and see the trends start to emerge.


Long periods of speech can be great, but they can also be a sign that you're monopolizing the conversation. Finding those long monologues can be helpful for training and analysis, so we flag those throughout the transcript.

Screen Shares

We capture your screen shares and turn them into fun GIFs that show the major slides, pages or screens that you went through during your presentation. It's a great way to contextualize the keywords and emotions you're seeing on the reports during a screen share. Some of these features are still in progress, but you should already be seeing screen shares in your reports.

More to Come

We are constantly expanding our range of highlights, with some great ones rolling out in the coming weeks and months. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you at

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