Jargon is the only place you can find real-time analysis of the people you're speaking with. We use some really amazing technology behind the scenes to power real-time insights. It's important to remember the following:

Only you, the owner, are seeing these real-time insights during a call. 

Your participants only see a regular video call without any of the additional information.

Jargon exposes these real-time insights in two places during the call - the participant gauges and the activity feed.

Participant Gauges

Here's a quick GIF to show what we expose in the gauges. 

  1. Mood
    As you can see when "Fred" smiles, the left-most gauge lights up. The opposite will happen if he frowns, or furrows his brow. Mood is a quick, imperfect guide to what another person is showing on their face, and you may want to use that to pace your conversation through complicated or sensitive topic.
  2. Engagement
    The middle gauge shows engagement. If a user is looking elsewhere or otherwise being inattentive, the gauge will drop or turn red. If the eyeball icon is crossed out, the user has clicked away from this call (to another tab or window).
  3. Heart Rate
    After about a minute, we have enough data to start displaying heart rate (amazing, right?), which we represent by the beating heart. You can hover for a numerical reading, but keep in mind that this is highly variable based on lighting conditions and skin tone. It's just a directional reading to see if you're having an effect on someone.

Activity Feed

The activity feed on the left will show interesting signals from each participant on the call, and will highlight moments where a person leans in or out, changes mood or clicks away from or back to this tab. We're constantly introducing new events to this feed, so keep an eye on it!

All of this great data is saved so that we can present it to you in the Report of this call. That means you can focus on the conversation now, and dig into the data later. Our Report Center has lots of great articles on how to read and use this information, so check it out. 

Let us know what you think at support@jargon.ai, we'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback or suggestions!

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